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Fantastic journey of a dreaming child

Poetic journey with pictures projection

On a snowing night, a child goes to sleep, dreaming of mysterious and faraway places... In the distance, he hears the sound of Tzigane music. He dances tirelessly with colourful traditional Hungarian families. He then travels North to the Faroe Islands and Norway, where he discovers the beautiful settings of a lively and joyful Spring. Waiting for the moon to appear, he meets a cat, with whom he enjoys playing long hours. With his new friend, he discovers the fairy Kingdom of Delights, Confiturenberg... Will they return in time, before the alarm clock rings?

Brahms Johannes, Hungarian Dances (excerpts)
Tchaïkovsky Piotr Illitch, Nutcracker op.71a (excerpts)
Grainger Percy, Let's Dance Gay in Green Meadow
Grieg Edward, Norwegian dances op.35
Fauré Gabriel, Dolly op.56
Mac Dowell Edward, Moon-Pictures op.21